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Hervé Tullet says, “Let’s Play!”

If there’s a new Hervé Tullet book, I need it. After bringing Press Here to my preschoolers and having laugh-out loud fun with my toddlers, I knew I was onto something good. Then, I brought Mix It Up! into a storytime, and the crowd went wild. These books are the height of interactive storytelling for a mid-size storytime group, especially for little ones that may have trouble sitting still. Now, we have the next book in this brilliant and fun series: Let’s Play!
let's play

Let’s Play, by Hervé Tullet, (March 2016, Chronicle Books), $15.99, ISBN: 9781452154770

The yellow dot is back, and he’s a little bored. He wants you to play with him, and all you need to do it press the top corner of the book to get started. From there, the reader and the dot are partners, wandering all around the book’s available space – up, down, in loops and twists, playing hide and seek and exploring new, possibly spooky, spaces!
I’m always thrilled and amazed by what Tullet comes up with for his books. Whether it’s using your fingers to travel the world in The Finger Travel Game or using dots to keep readers engaged and, even more, enchanted, he always manages to break the fourth wall and grab your attention. His books are funny, interesting, and perfect for any age – they tap into a creativity that adults may not expect and that kids will embrace. I love his books, and your kids will, too. Feeling extra creative? Have a craft after storytime where kids can make their own dot(s) and ask them to make up their own adventure!
let's play_2


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