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Help Babysaurus find Mamasaurus!

mamasaurus_coverMamasaurus, by Stephan Lomp (March 2016, Chronicle Books), $16.99, ISBN: 9781452144245

Recommended for ages 3-6

Babysaurus is out and about with Mamasaurus one day, snacking on leaves and hanging out on Mamasaurus’ back, when WHOOPS! He slides off, and can’t find her! Reminiscent of P.D. Eastman’s Are You My Mother, Babysaurus asks everyone he can find if they’ve seen his Mamasaurus, and they compare her to their own moms: does she fly the highest, like Ptero’s mom? Is she the loudest, like Rexy’s mom? No, but she’s Mamasaurus, and she’s the best Mamasaurus in the jungle.

Mamasaurus has been there all along, by the way – you know, like when your little one “loses” you in the department store, when you’re two steps away. And that’s what makes this story such a great read-aloud. It’s relatable to both parents and little ones. They’ll know what it’s like to lose Mom in public, and they’ll know that each Mom is the best Mom there is, because she’s their Mom. I loved this story so much, and so did my 3 year old, who snuggled up in my lap while I read it with him. The artwork is adorable; the dinos have huge eyes and friendly faces, cartoony and lovable, appealing to little ones. The white font jumps off the page, making it an easy storytime read.


Author and illustrator Stephan Lomp is a German illustrator and comic book artist. Check out some more of his artwork on his website.


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