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Books from Quarantine: White Fox by Sara Faring

White Fox, by Sara Faring, (Sept. 2020, Imprint), $18.99, ISBN: 9781250304520

Ages 14+

Ten years ago, Mireille Fox-Hammick, world-famous actress and mother to daughters Manon and Thaïs, disappeared. Their pharma-tech genius father sent them away from their Mediterranean island home to be raised by an aunt in the States. Although the sisters grew apart, complete opposites, they remain united in their grief and desire to know what happened to their mother. When an gala in celebration of their mother’s career brings them back to the island of Viloxin, they find clues to a script their mother had written, White Fox; an autobiographical script that would explain everything. As the girls get closer to the truth, they also uncover hidden secrets that some would prefer remain buried.

White Fox started out strong, but didn’t maintain its momentum for me. I admit I went into the book thinking I was going to read something similar to the podcast, The Last Movie, where the focus is on the lost film and the story is captured through interviews with people connected to the movie. White Fox is more of a family story; a reconstructing of long-buried secrets and lies, intrigue and corruption. The two sisters have the usual YA diverging personalities: Manon is the bookish, unfussy sister, determined to find out what happened to her mother and reconcile her conflicted emotions surrounding her disappearance. Thaïs is the Instagram influencer, the party girl, who just wants to have a good time. The two reunite over their shared interest in the White Fox script and through unraveling the mysteries their mother and deceased father left behind, and script excerpts from the White Fox script drop hints that lead them through their next steps. Although the book gets off to a strong start, it just floundered as mysteries began getting tangled up in one another, leaving me wanting something more than what I came away with. It’s worth a read for mystery and thriller fans, because it has its moments, but it’s more of an additional purchase rather than a must-have.


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