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A magical unicorn with a unique horn: The Nuff

The Nuff, by Veronica Waldrop/Illustrated by Cat Elliott, (Jan. 2020, Tailwind Publishing), $17.99, ISBN: 978-1-733-0997-0-7

Ages 3-7

This rhyming story about a unicorn with a break in her horn is an empowering story about being true to oneself, embracing our uniqueness in all its messy, pigtailed fun, valuing self-esteem and kindness over the myth of perfection, and the love we parents and caregivers have for our kids. Let your kiddo know that they are “A Nuff” for you, for themselves, for the world.

The rhyming passages are filled with sweet verses like, “She may not look like the doll in the box / or the girl in the magazine… / But she shines like the sun / with her hair undone, / like a grass-stained summer queen”. Full of love and the desire to imbue her children with self-empowerment, Veronica Waldrop created a love letter to her kids, and to ours, with The Nuff.

Cat Elliott’s illustrations are colorful and cartoony, with animal characters and friendly faces, and a little unicorn with a bent horn, patched knees in her jeans, and a messy ponytail. She’s relatable and adorable, and kids will enjoy reading about her.

Author Veronica Waldrop wrote The Nuff during a two-year battle with breast cancer. She passed away in 2017, but The Nuff remains to inspire her daughters, and children everywhere.


The Nuff‘s book website has free, downloadable activity sheets for the kiddos while we’re at home. Enjoy.


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