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Odd Dog Out learns to embrace her individuality

Odd Dog Out, by Rob Biddulph, (Dec. 2019, HarperCollins), $17.99, ISBN: 9780062367266

Ages 3-7

In a society where all dogs wants to fit in, one dog stands out. The athletes wear stripes; the businessdogs wear suits and derby hats; the scouts and sailors wear their uniforms; our Odd Dog Out, sporting a multicolored knit cap and matching scarf. No matter what she tries to do, though, she just doesn’t fit in, so she strikes out for somewhere more amenable. Finding Fabulous Doggywood, she discovers dogs that rock her style! But she notices another dog who goes against the grain, and realizes that there’s nothing wrong with being different. She returns home to a warm reception, and that a little of her uniqueness has rubbed off on the populace: more dogs are starting to discover their own individual style, too.

This rhyming story carries a sweet message about being yourself and embracing standing out rather than blending in; it also shows how even the smallest change can work in a group, encouraging tolerance and transformation. A sweet story, Adorable digital weiner dog art, and bold, bright colors, and this is a cute book for storytime.

Originally released in the UK in 2016, Odd Dog Out has been shortlisted for a host of awards, including the Independent Booksellers Award. It’s also received the Bishop’s Stortford College Festival of Literature Picture Book Award and the UK Literacy Association’s Student Shadowers’ Vote Book Award. Rob Biddulph’s author page includes free downloadable activities and coloring sheets. U.S. publisher HarperCollins has a downloadable coloring sheet, too! Read and display with Peter Brown’s Mr. Tiger Goes Wild for another story about an animal who sees things differently.


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