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A sheep in wolf’s clothing? Lana Lynn Howls at the Moon

Lana Lynn Howls at the Moon, by Rebecca Van Slyke/Illustrated by Anca Sandu, (Sept. 2019, Peachtree Publishers), $16.95, ISBN: 9781682630501

Ages 4-8

Lana Lynn is a sheep with far greater aspirations than just hanging out and nibbling grass, sipping water from the pond, or napping in the meadow. She wants to run wild! To stay up late! To howl at the moon! Other sheep think Lana is odd, but her best friend, Shawn, sticks by her, even when she poo-poos (actually, she “fiddle-dee-dees”) his invitations to nibble, sip, and nap. When Lana discovers a hairy blanket one night, she tries it on and discovers the disguise is perfect: she looks like a wolf! She finds a pack of wolves and joins in their nocturnal activities, but things get a little awkward when they invite her back to their cave for dinner, and Lana discovers that Shawn – along with a squirrel and a rabbit – are on the menu! After saving Shawn from the wolves, Lana decides that she’s had enough adventure for one night, and she decides to stick to howling on the moon on her own in the future… because “even a sheep likes a little adventure now and then”.

Lana Lynn is a cute little story about venturing outside one’s comfort zone, but making sure to know what’s really important at the end of the day. Lana Lynn – adults will get the joke, pass it along during a storytime read – is a spunky little sheep, and her friend Shawn is a foil; content, where she is restless. The cartoony digital art features characters with giant, expressive eyes and bold outlines. Colors are muted, with boldly outlined sheep standing out against the pale green or white backgrounds, and muted, smudged nature colors providing soft landscapes. Endpapers have sleeping sheep sprawled across the pages.

Lana Lynn Howls at the Moon is a cute additional add to picture book collections. Publisher Peachtree has a free, downloadable activity kit, including a word scramble, word search, and crossword puzzle.


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