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The Order of the Majestic: Defend Magic! Plus, a Giveaway!

Order of the Majestic, by Matt Myklusch, (May 2019, Aladdin), $17.99, ISBN: 9781534441781

Ages 10-13

Joey Kopecky is a 13-year-old kid who’s good at taking tests. He just knows how to figure out the right answer, you know? His parents are thrilled when Joey’s invited to test for the exclusive Exemplar Academy, but Joey does not share their enthusiasm. He doesn’t feel like he’s anything special; he’s just got a knack for taking tests. When he arrives at Exemplar, the test is nothing like he’s ever experienced – he’s given magic tricks to do, and the final trick leads him to an abandoned theatre hidden pocket dimension where he meets Redondo, a magician in hiding. Magic is real. Redondo is the last of a group called the Order of the Majestic, who defend magic from The Invisible Hand, a group that seeks to control magic – and the world. Could Joey be the next great hope for a renewed Order of the Majestic?

This is the first book in a new series. There’s some intrigue and a lot of action, and some interesting takes on magic and technology in the modern day. We have two ancient societies battling one another over power – is it good versus evil? Depends on who you ask; the Invisible Hand thinks they’re doing the right thing, keeping powerful magic out of  the hands of the “norms”; the Order of the Majestic believes magic is tied to wonder and belief in the world. It’s idealism versus power, with the future of the whole world on the line and one kid from Hoboken holding the key. The Big Bad is delightfully glib, and Redondo, a Mr. Miyagi of sorts, is the curmudgeonly teacher with a horrible secret. Give this to your Potion Masters and Five Kingdoms readers, and talk it up to your fantasy fans.

Want your own copy of Order of the Majestic? Check out this Rafflecopter giveaway (U.S. addresses only, please!)


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