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Polly Diamond heads to the Super Stunning Spectacular Book Fair!

Polly Diamond and the Super Stunning Spectacular Book Fair, by Alice Kuipers/Illustrated by Diana Toledano, (May 2019, Chronicle Books), $14.99, ISBN: 978-1452152332

Ages 7-10

Polly Diamond and her magic notebook, Spell, are going to the school book fair in Polly’s latest adventure! As we learned in Polly’s first story, Polly Diamond and the Magic Book, Spell has the special ability to bring to life whatever Polly writes in it. So when Polly decides to liven up the book fair with some book-related excitement, it’s a lot of fun: she turns a mean babysitter into a squirrel, she calls up a roller coaster, and a Title-Tastic photo booth. But writing things down can often lead to misinterpretation, and Polly discovers things have gotten way out of control! Just imagine what Amelia Bedelia would be like if she had magical powers, and there you have it. Polly has to get things under control, and keep her kid sister safe in the process!

Polly is a biracial child of color with a white father and dark-skinned mother; her baby brother and kid sister are also children of color. Loaded with black and white illustrations, this second book in the Polly Diamond series is great fun, and filled with book-related humor and references. There’s even a list of Polly’s current favorites at the end of the book, which I love. It not only lends itself to a creative book display, but gives you a ready-to-booktalk guide for readers who want to read like Polly does. These chapter books also make for fun read-alouds; you can do a chapter a day with no problem, and let your audience’s imaginations run wild in their own (less powerful) Spell notebooks! Ask kids what they’d have Spell create for them, and invite them to contribute their own book ideas to make lists similar to Polly’s. This is the kind of series that turns readers into book lovers. Make sure you have this one on your shelves.

Alice Kuipers is an award-winning author and offers information for writers on her author website. Diana Toledano is an award-winning illustrator whose art you can see on her website.


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