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This is a Hit! Whoopsie offers a goofy hero and wordplay

This Is a Whoopsie!, by Andrew Cangelose/Illustrated by Josh Shipley, (Oct. 2018, Lion Forge), $15.99, ISBN: 978-1-941302-87-3

Ages 4-8

Hot on the heels of May’s This is a Taco!, Andrew Cangelose and Josh Shipley are back to exploring the lighter side of wildlife with This Is a Whoopsie!, where readers meet a clumsy moose nicknamed… well, Whoopsie. Like This Is a Taco!, This Is a Whoopsie! intends to be a book educating readers on moose, but Whoopsie blunders through the book, tripping over logs and causing general chaos. He feels really bad about it, though. He doesn’t even think he should be the moose example for the story, but his blue bird buddy is there to cheer him on and get him through the book. The story plays with words and language in one series of spreads, where Whoopsie takes out a page of text and tries to reconstruct it, with hilarious results, with sentences like “Moose wear wild wigs and laugh all night with trampoline hamsters”. Blue bird finally suggests that Whoopsie tell stories about the times he’s fallen down and created silly scenarios, to boost his mood, and it works! Whoopsie gets to relive some funny situations, including some hilarious photobombs and an anecdote about wearing a camper’s underwear on his antler, and readers get a belly laugh.

The artwork is so much fun, from the brown endpapers that start off with antlers and pinecombs and finish with taco-covered underwear and tidy whities. In between, we have a cartoon moose with an expressive body – gangly limbs, top-heavy antlers, and a penchant for pratfalls. Little blue bird is stout and sweet. We get some good facts about moose, a sweet story about friendship, a charming and clutzy hero, and a little cameo from our friend, Taco the Squirrel.

Whoopsie! is a sweet story that kids will love. It’s a nice add to your picture book collections.


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