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Papercutz brings The Sisters to the USA

sister_cover_01_RGBThe Sisters, Vol. 1: Like a Family, by Christophe Cazenove/Illustrated by William Maury (June 2016, Papercutz), $9.99, ISBN: 9781629914930

Recommended for ages 8-12

Wendy and Maureen are sisters who adore one another as much as they drive each other crazy – like most siblings. They both have strong personalities, are independent, and have firmly established likes and dislikes. Wendy is a teen who’s discovering makeup, boys, and cute actors, and Maureen is school-age, tries to emulate her sister (even when she thinks she’s a little weird), and can’t stop trying to break into Maureen’s secret diary.

This first volume of stories about Wendy and Maureen features a series of short vignettes about the two siblings, giving us a little look into their life: we meet some of their friends, their parents (whose faces we don’t see), and most importantly, we see the girls together. Even when they’re at their worst and separated by their parents, they want to be together. And that’s the sweetest part about The Sisters: it’s a fun, upbeat look at siblings and family life. The series was originally published in France; Papercutz is giving the girls their U.S. debut.

Give this book to your Raina Telgemeier fans and your Amelia Rules fans. They’ll love you for it. Take a look at some more of the book courtesy of the Papercutz website.

Sisters_PREVIEW_page_01 Sisters_PREVIEW_page_02


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