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Take Action Tuesday: Spreading the Everyday Advocacy Word!

My ALSC Everyday Advocacy challenge this week is to champion the efforts of school librarians. I have a lot of teacher and librarian friends; one very close friend is a teacher-librarian. Today, I had a class visit for a school that has no school librarian. As common as that’s sadly becoming, I can’t wrap my head around it. I had a fantastic school librarian in my elementary school; I can’t imagine a kid not having that now. She taught us how to use a library, how information is organized, and most importantly, how to respect books and the information in them. I see my friend, N, taking time from her vacations and breaks to decorate her library and get it ready for every school year; the love and yes, frustration, that goes into lesson planning when your position is considered disposable by elected officials and a lot of the population.


“You can find all that on the Internet now.” Riiight.

So for this Take Action Tuesday, I made sure to give the teachers at my class visit my contact information, and offered to come visit the school to booktalk, conduct storytimes, talk about citing sources and how to use library databases for their older students – anything they’d need. They seemed enthusiastic, so here’s hoping we can work together and show our community how vital libraries are INSIDE the schools as well as within the communities.




I'm a mom, a children's librarian, bibliophile, and obsessive knitter. I'm a pop culture junkie and a proud nerd, and favorite reads usually fall into Sci-Fi/Fantasy. I review comics and graphic novels at WhatchaReading ( I'm also the co-founder of On Wednesdays We Wear Capes (, where I discuss pop culture and geek fandom from a female point of view.

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