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Virtual Programming Starting Tomorrow!

So I finally got it into gear, after this incredible, inspiring schedule that my colleague, Ashley, has going on this week as we librarians kick off our virtual programming. First, here’s Ashley’s schedule. Check out her out on Facebook Live and enjoy her programming – I made sure I wouldn’t conflict with her!

I’ve got a week of programming ready to go, too. Let’s start with the schedule, and I’ll break it down.

Tomorrow’s Dino Day: I’ve got my second and 11th graders starting Google Classroom, just like many of you, so I’m not doing programming until 3pm, so we can all get into the swing of things. At 3 pm, I’ll be doing a Facebook Live. Here’s my Facebook link. I’m new to all of this, so if I can find a way to send a link right before, I will.

Dino Day will kick off with a reading of Lindsay Ward’s book, Don’t Forget Dexter, a book you may know that I adore. After that, we’ll work on dino skeletons. I’m posting the template I’ll be using below. You can hand draw it if you don’t have a printer; just make a dinosaur(ish) shape. I’m going to trace the template on black paper so the “bones: show up, but you can use any color or texture paper you want. Cut a handful of Q-Tips in half, and have some glue stick ready.

Tuesday and Thursday, I’ve got storytime at 11, also through Facebook Live. These are the songs I’ll be using, so even if you can’t make it, feel free to add these songs to your day. I’m missing my Corona Kids something fierce, so I’m adding some Spanish songs in there in the hopes that some of my families will join me and sing along.

More about Wednesday-Friday crafts tomorrow. Be safe and be well.

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And on the sixth day, she got her act together

So I’ve been blogging and napping a lot this week. Working with Gabe as he gets ready to transition to online learning on Monday. Feeling sorry for myself, missing my library kids, badgering my administration to let me know when I can get training on virtual reference and start planning virtual storytimes.

And then, I saw my colleagues, who are likely doing the same thing, but they’re DOING STUFF. Creating their own graphics and getting Facebook Live programming out there, and they are AMAZING. So I’m going to be doing the same. I’m reviewing publisher guidelines for storytimes, and I’m pulling together some projects. I’ll be posting here SOON. Like, by end of day today. And I’m also pulling together a virtual knitting group at night time, so I’ll let you know when that happens.

Hang in there, everyone. We’ve got this.