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Tales from the TBR: Sterling and Nugget the Dragon by Judd B. Shaw & Marrieta Gal

Sterling and Nugget the Dragon (Sterling the Knight #1), by Judd B. Shaw/Illustrated by Marrieta Gal, (Dec. 2022, Morgan James Kids), $9.95, ISBN: 9781631959356

Ages 4-7

A boy named Sterling believes that he must fell a dragon to become a knight. Nugget is a dragon who has no idea that the villagers nearby are terrified by him. When Sterling heads to Nugget’s cave to slay the beast, he discovers something quite different: Nugget is no fierce, man-eating dragon, but a friendly dragon who’s injured wing is causing him great pain. Morality wins the day as Sterling tends to Nugget’s injury; the two become friends, and decide together to show the villagers that bad reputations aren’t always earned. A story of kindness and compassion, Sterling and Nugget the Dragon is a delightful read for younger children, while teaching them a good message: it’s not always about the dragons you slay, but the dragons you save, that makes one a knight. Cartoon artwork is colorful and cheerful. A good additional addition to collections.