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Some Dinosaurs Are Small… but some are quite large!

Some Dinosaurs Are Small, by Charlotte Voake, (Aug. 2020, Candlewick Press), $16.99, ISBN: 9781536209365

Ages 3-6

Some dinosaurs are small. Some dinosaurs are big! A small dinosaurs wanders through the jungle with a little shopping basket, gathering food to munch on. Three bigger dinosaurs start following our little friend, looking for their next meal. Those bullies are in for a big surprise, though… An adorable story with factual text for beginners – “Some dinosaurs are small. / They have tiny flat teeth for munching through fruit and leaves. / Some dinosaurs are big. / They have huge pointy teeth and sharp claws” – the story takes a very satisfying turn that will leave readers giggling and cheering. The watercolor and ink artwork tells a playful story, while the text gives readers the facts; together, they create a fun story that will delight dino fans.

Charlotte Voake is an award-winning author and illustrator. has some fun dinosaur worksheets, including this A to Z activity, a lowercase alphabet dot-to-dot, and an uppercase dot-to-dot.

Some Dinosaurs Are Small has starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and School Library Journal.