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Interactive fun with When I Say OOH, You Say AAH!

I Say OOH, You Say AAH!, by John Kane, (March 2018, Kane Miller), $12.99, ISBN: 978-1-61067-7110

Recommended for readers 3-7

I am having way too much fun with this laugh-out-loud picture book! I Say OOH, You Say AAH plays with words and ideas in the most fun ways; you’re the narrator, speaking to your audience, and leading them through seemingly simple requests. The pictures, however, make your audience say otherwise! If you see an ant, you must say underpants. Which will, of course, happen at the most inopportune moments, like when a shy donkey named OOH (yup, now you’ve scared him) shows up with an ant on his nose.

The book is bold and bright, and is made for read-alouds where you want to be as silly as possible (and isn’t that what read-alouds should be?)! The digital artwork is colorful and fun, and the fonts are bold, often in caps, and easy to read. It’s great for sharpening verbal cues and teaching reading comprehension in the best way: the fun way! As Kirkus says, it’s an “invitation to silliness” complete with instructions. I have a well-known love for underpants-related picture books and storytimes, and this one is solidly in the collection.

I read this with my 5-year-old, and we needed frequent giggle breaks. And then… I read it to my colleagues as part of a Guerilla Storytime at the recent Urban Librarians Unite conference! (It’s so gratifying, reading a book like this to a group of librarians who are totally on board with your wackiness, by the way.) The librarians were thrilled – a few approached me and asked where they could buy the book. Success!


I Say OOH, You Say AAH is perfect storytime and funtime reading. Put it in libraries, classrooms, and homes where kids love sillytime!

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Spotlight On: A Halloween Scare at My House!

From the opening invitation to a Halloween Scare t0 the Halloween-motif endpapers, A Halloween Scare at My House is a perfect read-aloud for toddlers to Kindergarteners! Check out the Sourcebooks Spotlight below, with the chance to win your own copy of the book!

halloween scare

A Halloween Scare at My House Series, by Eric James/Illustrated by Marina Le Ray

Series Info:
Title: A Halloween Scare at My House
Author: Eric James
Illustrator: Marina Le Ray
Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

The perfect gift for every child or kid-at-heart who also loves celebrating the most eerie and thrilling night of the year, the Halloween Scare regional series offers a jaunty tale with a humorous bent—sure to ward off any creature who goes bump in the night in cities and states across the country!

Now with 78 titles highlighting different cities, states, and regions in the U.S. and Canada, each book in the Halloween Scare series features art and text created especially for a specific state or city. Fun Halloween creatures and critters haunt your favorite landmarks, including famous sites like the Statue of Liberty in New York, California’s Hollywood sign, the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan, Georgia’s Okefenokee Swamp, Churchill Downs in Kentucky, the San Jacinto Monument in Texas and the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in North Carolina.

With its bouncing rhyme, colorful illustrations, and funny story, the Halloween Scare series is a delightful Halloween adventure for everyone who loves a silly, spooky tale. It’s perfect for younger readers who can explore their state or city and little learn more about the places and landmarks that make their homes unique.

Prepare, if you dare, for a Halloween scare,
A night of pure terror to whiten your hair.
A tale full of sights that are best left unseen. You ready? You sure?
This was my Halloween.

About the Author and Illustrator:

Eric James is a children’s book author, word tickler, and champion asparagus thrower. You can find him online at He lives in Bath, England, with his family.

Marina Le Ray has had success both as a children’s book illustrator as well as a greeting card designer. She lives and works in Nantes, France.

My two cents: This is an adorable book. The fact that it’s customized for different regions of the states makes it a great choice for read-alouds and for classrooms that want to incorporate some fun into their Social Studies curriculum. Leave time in a lesson to talk about Halloween in your cities, versus traditions from other cities. The rhyming text and story about a little boy who overcame his fear of Halloween and monsters will draw kids in, so don’t be afraid to read with different voices, make spooky sounds, and invite the kids to shriek and moan along with you. Halloween storytimes are the best storytimes ever!

Buy Links:
Available at all major booksellers

Don’t forget, enter this Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win your own copy!

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The Glorkian Warrior returns, and he’s eating adventure pie!

glorkianThe Glorkian Warrior Eats Adventure Pie, by James Kochalka (March 2015, :01First Second), $12.99, ISBN: 9781626720213

Recommended for ages 5+

The Glorkian Warrior is back! When we last encountered him, he was on a quest to deliver a pizza; this time, he’s at odds with his rival, Buster Glark. As usual, Warrior’s trusty backpack is the brains of the operation, and the Warrior’s buddy, Gonk, is along for the ride.

The Glorkian Warrior Eats Adventure Pie is even more surreal and random than The Glorkian Warrior Orders a Pizza. Kids are going to love it – it’s just goofy, cartoony fun with a lot of moments where you’re giggling and can’t really explain why. There are space snakes, genius elbows, a lovable, brain-sucking alien, and some pretty hilarious fart-related humor. There’s even a bonus comic after the story ends.

Steer some of your reluctant readers and your younger readers toward the Glorkian Warrior books. The cartoony art will catch their attention, and the silly storytelling and goofy characters will appeal to everyone’s sense of humor.