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Annabelle Fisher visited me and brought some fairy tale magic with her!

I meant to get this post up earlier, so apologies for that. When I reviewed the first Pixie Piper adventure last year, Annabelle Fisher, the series author, sent me a lovely email thanking me for my review, and offering to visit my library. I wanted to jump all over it, but for various reasons, I held off. I’ve finally settling in here, at my new library, and thought this would be a great opportunity to ask Annabelle if her offer still stood. Not only did she say yes, she offered to make no-bake snickerdoodle cupcakes with my Queensboro Kids after her author talk! She came in, we set up the room, and a gathering of kids formed outside our meeting room. Because, food. And because there was a new person in the library, too, but seriously, food. With everything set up, Annabelle donned her Mother Goose hat and we let the masses in.

I couldn’t believe how many kids crammed in for this program. We had about 23 kids in the room, and a couple of parents that wanted to see what was going on, too. First, Annabelle gave a great author talk where she engaged the kids about writing stories and even shared some photos of one of her first stories as a child – it was supposed to be a science report, but where’s the fun in that, right? She talked about the Pixie books, took the kids through a slide presentation, and then it was snickerdoodle time.

Can I just say how excited I am that I can put stickers on photos now, so I can post pictures from my programs and protect the kids’ identities?

The snickerdoodle cupcakes were so easy and quick to make, and Annabelle engaged the kids right off the bat. They were thrilled, and we ended up banging out three batches of batter and frosting. It was all worth, it, though: everyone was thrilled, and left satisfied. And then, it was picture with the author time!

Did I get my books signed? You betcha I did! And will I finally review the second book, Pixie Piper and the Matter of the Batter? Yes, I will! Promise.


And whose library has no Pixie Piper books in at the moment, because they both went out immediately after the author visit? This gal’s! I promoted the visit with a flyer I put together, and a Pixie book display at my desk. Here’s a copy of the Pixie Piper author visit flyer, if you’re interested.

Thank you SO MUCH to Annabelle Fisher for her fantastic (and tasty) author visit!

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Mother Goose’s legacy is passed on in The Secret Destiny of Pixie Piper

pixie piperThe Secret Destiny of Pixie Piper, by Annabelle Fisher/Illustrated by Natalie Andrewson, (May 2016, Greenwillow Books), $16.99, ISBN: 9780062393777

Recommended for ages 8-12

Fifth grader Pixie Piper discovers that she is a direct descendant of Mother Goose – yes, THAT Mother Goose – complete with her own goose, the ability to create amazing rhymes, and a bit of spellcasting magic. She has to protect her goose from the awful Raveneece – a descendant of the Sinister Sisters, who have some messy history with Mother Goose and the Goose Ladies – plus keep her status as a Goose Girl a secret, even from her mom and her best friend!

I really enjoyed this book. Pixie is very likable, as is her best friend, Gray, and her small group of friends at school. Her mom’s quirkiness and love of fairy tales appeals to me, so let me give a little side shout-out to moms out there: read the book! I love the idea of there being an actual Mother Goose, and having a legacy passed down – it’s not exactly what you may think, so that makes it even more fun. Destiny, Pixie’s goose, has her own personality, and the relationship between Des and Pixie is sweet. We’ve got a story with good Goose Ladies, mean Sinister Sisters, frenemies, and a Toilet Museum: this is summer reading gold.

This is the first of two books starring Pixie Piper, and I’m looking forward to spending more time in her world. Add this one to your middle grade fantasy collections and booktalk it with the Sisters Grimm, Grimmtastic Girls, Whatever After, and the Fairy Tale Reform School series.