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Great books for Toddler Storytime!

Just Like Me, by Joshua Seigal/Illustrated by Amélie Falière, (Sept. 2017, Flying Eye Books), $13.99, ISBN: 9781911171119

Recommended for readers 2-4

Can you rub your tum? Can you stretch up high? Join a little girl and her fuzzy friend as they play a game of Just Like Me with colorful animals! Tap your foot like a rabbit, stretch your neck like a giraffe, or spin like a dog: this book is made for a storytime activity or an animal storytime. I’d pair this with Eric Carle’s Head to Toe, Sandra Boynton’s Barnyard Dance, and Lindsey Craig’s Dancing Feet for an interactive, physical toddler time. The colors are bright and the bold, black text makes it easy to read along as you show off the story.




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Book Review: Is Everyone Ready for Fun? by Jan Thomas (Beach Lane Books, 2011)

is everyone ready for funRecommended for ages 2-5

A group of rowdy cows want to have fun on a chicken’s sofa. The chicken does not share their enthusiasm.

The repetitive story follows three cows who want to have fun – jumping, dancing, wiggling fun – on Chicken’s sofa. Chicken is not at all happy about this. Reminiscent of another Jan Thomas’ story, “What Will Fat Cat Sit On?”, the cartoon illustrations use exaggerated expressions for the cows and the Chicken. The colors are bright but not overwhelming; the page backgrounds are either bright blue, green, or lime green, and the characters are boldly outlined in black. The story begins and ends with the endpapers, and Thomas uses the margins to denote offscreen action, most notably when the Chicken’s head appears to look in on the madness. Communicated in speech bubbles, the text allows young readers and listeners to imagine different voices for each of the speakers – and allows the storytime reader to affect different voices during the reading.

The book allows for a great deal of interactivity and falls into a comfortable pattern that younger readers and listeners can catch on to right away. The title phrase – “Is everyone ready for fun?” begins the series, followed by the Chicken’s protest, the cows’ latest attack on the sofa, and the Chicken’s growing aggravation. Storytime participants can get up and jump, dance, and wiggle along.

The author’s website offers links to other books and printable activities, several of which include recognizable characters from Is Everyone Ready for Fun? The activities can enhance a storytime, as can farm animal-related songs and fingerplays.