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Julie Murphy’s If the Shoe Fits: A Meant to Be Novel kicks off new adult Disney retellings!

Okay, I know this isn’t technically a teen novel, but it falls under New Adult, is written by YA literary force Julie Murphy, and is a retelling of Disney’s Cinderella, so Here. It. Stays.

If the Shoe Fits: A Meant to Be Novel, by Julie Murphy,
(Aug. 2021, Disney-Hyperion), $26.99, ISBN: 9781368050388

Ages 14+

Cindy is a new grad with a degree in shoe design and leaves New York to visit with her stepfamily – her mother, two stepsisters, and triplet half-siblings – in California before kicking her job search into high gear. Her dad died several years before, and her mom, a powerhouse executive producer of a popular dating reality show, Before Midnight, is busy getting the new season of the show up and running, but wants to take some time to spend with Cindy and the family before disappearing into her cell phone again. On a whim, Cindy and her two stepsisters find themselves cast as prospective suitresses; Cindy hopes the exposure will be what her fledgling shoe design career needs to get her name out there. The thing is, Cindy is a curvy girl: some may call her plus size, some may call her a lot worse, and her stepmother worries that she’ll be a target for abuse. Cindy isn’t having it. She’s as deserving of a spot as any of those other women, and sure enough, the masses respond with love! Week after week, Cindy holds out on the show and, despite a freeze on communication while she’s on set, Cindy hears word that she’s becoming a body positivity icon! She’s also falling hard for her suitor on the show, but we all know that real Hollywood endings don’t exist – or do they? Cindy learns that when you don’t like the way things in your life are laid out, designing your own future is an option.

I LOVED this book. I adore Julie Murphy, I love the way she writes, I love the characters she creates. She world-builds a fantasy within our reality, and she doesn’t give us “feel bad for me” heroines who hide on their couches with a pint of ice cream and Netflix. No, my friend, they charge into the middle of the spotlight and show everyone around them how it’s done. With snappy dialogue and strong female relationships, If the Shoe Fits is the kind of romance we all want to read, foundation by Disney and fit into today’s reality TV-obsessed landscape. There’s a memorable cast of characters, and I loved, truly, truly loved, that the “evil stepmother” and “evil stepsisters” don’t exist here. There are tense moments here and there, but it’s believable family moments, not cooked up for extra drama.

If the Shoe Fits is the first in a new series of Disney retellings for new adults, and I can’t wait for more.

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Cover Reveal: Thorn by Liv Hayes!

by Liv Hayes 
Date: 10/01/15
from Goodreads:
They say that bad news comes in threes –
and for Emilia Hall, this is an understatement.
The anniversary of her son’s death, her husband’s affair, and a scathing
separation. All on her 30th birthday.
In sorrow’s wake, she leaves her editorial job at one of New York’s largest
publishing houses behind, packs a single suitcase, and exchanges Manhattan –
and the past twelve years – for her long-abandoned and deceivingly idyllic
hometown of Montauk.
There, on the beach-front, she meets a boy. They share a single night together.
And she believes, like everything else, that she’ll never see him again.
When she takes accepts an impromptu position as a Creative Writing teacher at
the local high-school, she sees a way to begin picking up the pieces. A new
chapter of life. A chance to heal.
But when a familiar face appears in her classroom – the boy from the beach,
Bryan Thorn – everything changes.
She is broken. He is troubled. And despite the whispers, pain, and the shared
pasts that threaten to destroy them both – neither can keep themselves away.
One thing is certain: some affairs prick like thorns.
About the Author
L.  Hayes is voracious reader and lover of words. When not immersed in pages, she’s
usually writing them.
Author Links:
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