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Stop that monster! Nibbles: The Monster Hunt

Nibbles: The Monster Hunt, by Emma Yarlett, (2020, Kane Miller), $16.99, ISBN: 978-1-61067-957-2

Ages 3-7

Nibbles, my Kiddo’s favorite book-nibbling monster, is back! In this third Nibbles adventure, Nibbles is loose again, and heads off into a brand new set of books, including loads of facts and an adventure with a dragon. Lift the flaps, inventive die cuts, and little peep holes throughout keep the energy and fun high in this read. Nibbles is AMAZING fun for read-alouds – I’ve used all three in read-alouds in various storytimes, and Nibbles always gets the kids squealing and giggling. The art is bright, fun, and Nibbles is a big, yellow ball of chaos – perfect for kids, right?

Gabe, my Kiddo, has been a Nibbles fan from the beginning, and Kane Miller Books gets all the love in the world for introducing me to him (Nibbles, not Gabe), so I can share him with the kids in my library and my life. Want a super-fun, super easy storytime craft? Get some pom poms and googly eyes, and make Nibbles and some other, different-colored monster friends! I’m going to give it a shot at an upcoming family storytime, so I’ll post pictures when I do.

Nibbles is guaranteed fun for your toddler and emerging reader explorers, with sturdy pages and flaps, fun visuals, and loads to explore.

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See the animal mommies, count the baby animals!

Count the Baby Animals, by Guido van Genechten, (March 2017, Clavis Publishing), $17.95, ISBN: 978-1605-37324-9

Recommended for readers 2-5

This fun die-cut book shows a pregnant animal mommy; with a flip of the page, she’s surrounded by her babies! Sweet rhyming text throughout invites readers to count each group of animals while offering descriptive details.

This is an adorable book to introduce to toddlers, who can point to and name animals as you read along. Encourage them to make animals sounds for each one to extend the fun. There are oodles of fun animal coloring sheets and activities available online; matching games with moms and babies would be a great choice for older toddlers and early preschoolers. You can pair this with books like P.D. Eastman’s classic, Are You My Mother?, or Nancy Tafuri’s All Kinds of Kisses (one of my personal faves).

Originally published in 2016, this is the English translation of Guido van Genechten’s original Dutch. His artwork is child-friendly, with gentle, cartoony faces and smiles. Endpapers with frolicking baby animals bring the reader right into the fun, and the sturdy paper stock will hold up to exploring little hands, who will love turning the half pages back and forth to see each mommy animal with a round belly, and later, surrounded by her babies.

How Many Baby Animals is a fun addition to toddler bookshelves and would make a fun sibling-to-be gift, too.