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Dandelion’s Dream is a wonderful daydream

Dandelion’s Dream, by Yoko Tanaka, (Feb. 2020, Candlewick Press), $16.99, ISBN: 9781536204537

Ages 3-7

In a field of drowsy dandelions, one flower becomes a real lion! Dandelion’s Dream is a dreamlike, wordless picture book that takes readers on a little flower’s dream adventure. Overjoyed at its new circumstances, the dandy-lion rides a train and a sheep; sails on a ship, experiences a sometimes scary day in a big city, and enjoys a movie at the theatre. At day’s end, the city lights fade into tiny dandelion wishes floating in the air; the dandelion joins its mates and flies into the sky, in the shape of a lion.

The black and yellow charcoal/digital illustration gives the story a soft, dreamlike feeling and the movement throughout is gentle, almost drowsy, taking readers on a wonderful ride into a magical dream world; as the dandelion’s adventure comes to a close, the story gently returns readers to the present, with dimming city lights becoming flying dandelion wishes. Let your readers blow a pretend wish into the air at the story’s conclusion and add a little dream magic to your storytime.

Dandelion’s Dream has starred reviews from Kirkus and School Library Journal.