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Blog Tour: Lily and May Learn Why Mom and Dad Work

“Dadvisor” Anthony Delauney has a new book in his series of children’s books on financial literacy: Lilly and May Learn Why Mom and Dad Work is a rhyming story about why parents go to work.

Lilly and May Learn Why Mom and Dad Work, by Anthony C. Delauney,
(Oct. 2022, Mascot Books), $16.95, ISBN: 978-1-63755-292-6

Ages 4-7

Sisters Lilly and May cry after seeing their father head off to work, and Mom is there to explain: we have to work so that we have money to give our kids everything they need, from a home and food, to clothes and utilities. Money really does make the world go ’round, too: our money pays for other people’s jobs, from teachers and scientists to people who perform day-to-day services that keep our lives moving, like construction workers and firefighters. Mom explains all the reasons we earn and save money, and playful rhyme makes for a fun readaloud. Digital illustrations make for cheerful characters. The family appears biracial; Dad is lights-skinned, Mom is brown-skinned, and Lilly and May are light brown-skinned. Endpapers show a variety of people in different jobs. Back matter includes a fun matching game for children.

Visit Anthony C. Delauney’s website, Owning the Dash, for free financial literacy resources for children and parents.