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Storytimes for Social Justice in 2017

Happy New Year to all! I hope your holidays were amazing and that you said goodbye to 2016 in the best way possible. I had a stomach bug go through the entire household in a matter of days, so I rang in the new year taking baby sips of Gatorade, but it gave me some time to think, reflect, and plan for the new year.

This new year is heading into scary territory for many folks. As children’s librarians, we have a chance to help make those times a little less scary for parents and kids alike. We can point parents to resources they need to make sure they stay informed, aware, and can find help and information where they need it. We can help kids by introducing them to books, songs, and fingerplays that cheer them up, sure but also teach them about other kids that may experience similar circumstances, so they don’t feel alone, and we can engender empathy by exploring other families’ dilemmas through story. Storytime Underground has issued a challenge this year, and it’s one I’m excited to accept.


I attended a great Storytime Manifesto program while I was at PLA last year. We talked about how storytime does make a difference in helping children become ready for kindergarten, we talked statistics about family literacy, phonological awareness, print motivation, oral communication and socialization between children, and development of fine motor skills by introducing and crafts during your storytime. I’ve kept a lot of that in mind as I’ve developed my storytimes, and now I’m taking things one step further by accepting this blog challenge. I’ll be continuing to read diverse titles by diverse authors, and I’ll be looking to my other librarians and bloggers for ideas to expand my mind and skills, so I can help families expand theirs. I’d love for you to join me as I start this journey. If you’re interested in your own Social Justice Storytime – anyone, teacher, educator, parent, aunt, uncle, next door neighbor who babysits their friends’ kids every now and then – Storytime Underground has a great starter kit with ideas that you can download for free. There are also fantastic lists you can discover through Pinterest to build on, including Picture Books About Immigration, Picture Books about Social Justice, Children’s Books about Refugees, and Books About Being Kind.

I’m off to start planning and working on my new flannels. Reviews to come, too! Let’s be kind to one another this year, we’re all a bit bruised from 2016.

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Everyday Advocacy Challenge: I’m IN!

I’m excited to be part of the ALSC’s Spring 2016 Everyday Advocacy Challenge! Over the next few weeks, I will:

Commit to completing four consecutive Take Action Tuesday challenges on advocacy topics/themes;

Collaborate with EAC cohort members over the four-week period, sharing successes and troubleshooting issues via ALA Connect;

Write a post for the ALSC blog about their EAC experiences; and

Contribute a reflection for the April 2016 issue of the Everyday Advocacy Matters e-newsletter.


I’ve been spending the first six months of my full-time librarianship getting my sea legs, learning about my new community, and acclimating to full-time public library work, including storytimes and programs for infants, toddlers, school-age kids, tweens and teens – the whole range! This year, I’ve made it a priority to get involved with the profession; really dig in – and the Everyday Advocacy Challenge offers a great chance to do that. I’ll be journaling here, in addition to anything I write for the ALSC, about the Challenge, so please follow along and chime in with any questions or anecdotes you’d like to share.