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Bad Kitty is SUPERCAT!

Bad Kitty: Supercat, by Nick Bruel, (Dec. 2022, Roaring Brook Press), $13.99, ISBN: 9781250749987

Ages 7-10

It’s always a good day when there’s a new Bad Kitty book! Supercat is the latest Bad Kitty graphic novel, where Bad Kitty is forced to endure a playdate in an attempt to be sociable. Strange Kitty brings along some superhero-loving, comic book-reading friends, and the group don their costumes to become Supercat and Fantasticat, and find themselves fighting the evil Doctor Lagomorph with the universe hanging in the balance! With sidekicks and laugh-out-loud pop culture references throughout, this may be my favorite Bad Kitty yet. Kids and grownups alike will recognize the familiar call to put the devices down and go play with friends. Hilarious and relatable moments include Bad Kitty’s playdate choices and the spot-on comic book story reenactments, as envisioned by the friends; every kid will remember a playdate gone sideways when the playdate gets rough and feelings are hurt; Bad Kitty and friends teach readers that things will happen, but it’s always important to apologize. Another adorable entry in a series that makes a seamless transition from chapter book to graphic novel.

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Vacation Reading: Bad Kitty Goes on Vacation

Bad Kitty Goes On Vacation, by Nick Bruel, (Dec. 2020, Roaring Brook Press), $13.99, ISBN: 9781250208088
Ages 7-10
It’s those last couple of weeks of summer vacation for some, and that means – for a lot of families – it’s time for a road trip! So who better to go on a road trip with than Uncle Murray and Kitty? This latest Bad Kitty read is a full-color graphic novel, and it is laugh-out-loud hilarious. Uncle Murray wins a trip to Love Love Angel Kitty World, and he ends up suckered into taking Kitty – one of Angel Kitty’s biggest fans! – with him. But nothing is ever that easy, right? Sure enough, Uncle Murray encounters obstacles at the airport, checking in, and getting into the park. Once he and Kitty are in the park, all Kitty wants to do is shop for overpriced souvenirs! Will poor Uncle Murray get a break? Will Kitty get Love Love Angel Kitty ears for all her friends? Bad Kitty Goes on Vacation has trademark Bad Kitty humor, including overwrought Uncle Murray, humorous asides and observations, and, ultimately, a sweet ending. It’s a home run for Kitty fans who may see themselves and their parents, whether they’re asking for that toy car on the grocery store endcap or in a theme park souvenir store, when they just have to have that t-shirt/exclusive water bottle/branded plush.
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Fellow Bad Kitties! I come with great news! Bad Kitty publisher, Macmillan, launched a Fur-Ever Bad Kitty Read-Along Campaign, and they are challenging YOU to read all the Bad Kitty chapter books this Fall!

The read-along is happening in three parts:

Don’t let the start date scare you! YOU’VE GOT THIS.

I’m applauding you and cheering you on! Go! Go! Go!

Finish STRONG!

Grab your books, get ready, and READ! Fill your school reading logs with Bad Kitty this Fall! (Psst… your library has SHELVES of Bad Kitty just waiting for you.) Good luck!

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Oh, no! Bad Kitty has forgotten how to cat!

badkittyBad Kitty Takes the Test, by Nick Bruel, (Jan. 2017, Roaring Brook Press), $13.99, ISBN: 9781626725898

Recommended for ages 7-10

Bad Kitty’s back in his 9th chapter book adventure, and this time, it’s a doozy (isn’t it always?). The Society of Cat Aptitude has decided that Kitty just isn’t cutting it as a cat, so she needs to take a Cat Aptitude Test to determine whether or not she still deserves to be considered a cat. Kitty shows up to take her required course and test, but things… are not exactly business as usual, starting with the instructor. Poor Uncle Murray shows up, thinking he’s there to renew his driver’s license – maybe he’s spent enough time with Kitty to qualify as a cat, too!

I love Bad Kitty! My sons introduced her to me back when they were little guys, and I’ve laughed along with her antics ever since. She’s the star of picture books, chapter books, 8×8″ paperback picture books, board and activity books, making her a household name. Kids come into my library asking for Bad Kitty books about as often as they do Babymouse, Goosebumps, and the Wimpy Kid; she’s kind of a big deal. Her latest adventure is filled with the usual laughs, wacky plot, and black and white art. Part Wile E. Coyote and part Bugs Bunny, this latest story puts kitty and company into a classroom with an instructor that’s working with a hidden agenda, and Uncle Murray, who has a habit of blundering into burgeoning catastrophes, is here for additional laughs.

You don’t need to have much familiarity with the series to begin enjoying the books; you can just jump on with any one of them, incuding Bad Kitty Takes the Test. Intermediate readers and reluctant readers will get their Bad Kitty fix with this latest entry into the series.

There are activity kits and coloring sheets, plus a newsletter sign-up, on the Bad Kitty website. I’ve run successful book groups using the Bad Kitty Mad Libs and comic template sheet, and with the holidays coming, you’re sure to enjoy some of the holiday activities on the site.