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That’s Good That’s Bad is a classic – glad it’s back!

That’s Good That’s Bad, by Joan M. Lexau/Illustrated by Aliki, (March 2020, Prestel Publishing), $17.95, ISBN: 9783791374192

Ages 3-8

This hilarious look at the upside and one boy’s exciting day in the jungle was originally published in 1963, brought back to a new generation of readers by Prestel Junior. A tiger happens upon a boy, sitting on a rock in the jungle, and tells him to run or be eaten. The boy tells the tiger he is too tired to run, and recounts his very busy day running from a rhino and a crocodile. The spreads alternate between the boy’s story, to which the tiger responds, “That’s good!” or “That’s bad!” as the boy recounts the ups and downs of his day. The final twist is laugh-out-loud funny, and Aliki’s vintage illustrations are just as lively and bright today as they were in 1963. Bright, bold colors come right off the stark white background and bring the jungle to life for younger readers.

I adore Aliki’s artwork, so I’d read My Five Senses and ask the kids to think about how they’d use their senses if they were in the boy’s situation.

That’s Good That’s Bad is a storytime book I’m happy to welcome back into print.